These are websites that make us happy:

happy_spirit_icon For the spirit:

Baha’i Reference Library


The Bible


The Dhammapada


Free Sacred Scriptures Software 


The Quran


The Rig Veda


Spiritual Books 


The Zend-Avesta



mental_health For the mind:

AD/HD Association


Alternative Education Resource Organization


Steven Fletcher, author


Virtue-based Board Game


World Music



financial_health For financial health:

Business Incorporation and Tax Planning


Graphic and Web Design


Mystery Shopping

Web Design



physical_health For the body:

Clothing for New-borns

Ergonomic Office Furniture

Fashion and Wedding Photography (our website’s photographer) 

Health and Wellness 

Shade-grown Coffee

social_health For community-building: 

American Holistic Medicine Association 

The Children’s Theatre Company

Environmental Consulting

Temple of Light

 These links are offered purely for reference. We hope you find these sites as helpful as we have!

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