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by on March 29th, 2013
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Here are 10 songs I recorded with my brother Trace and our band Small World.


A very personal farewell song to a dear friend turned up some images that proved to be universal. -Trace

Stay Away from the Madness

Through this song I prayed for a dear friend, who has now learned to “stay away from the madness.” -Trav

Pulling Myself Together

This came out of a very simple but pleasant afternoon with a friend in Boston.  It was raining.  We drank tea.  We talked of life.  I was strumming the guitar while my friend answered a phone call.  The rhythm and basic chords came together; the lyrics came later.  -Trace

Gipsy – Intro


Love has many faces.  “Gipsy” is about the mystical face of love. -Trav

It’s All Right

This is about recovering from unrequited love.  Relationships are funny to me.  What we perceive and want is not usually what is there.  Now I try to accept and love what is really in front of me and laugh at my own exaggerated imagination. -Trace

The Invisible Girl

I dedicate this song to Tahirih (The Pure One) who received her title from Baha’u’llah.  She was an accomplished Persian poetess of the mid-nineteenth century.  Tahirih refused to wear a veil or to submit to the belief that women were inferior to men.  For this and her dedication to the Baha’i Faith, she gave her life. -Trav

Something’s Wrong

This was written for a friend who lacked the self-confidence to get out of a destructive relationship.  I later realized that the song applied equally to me. -Trav


Traditionally, heaven is some ultimate goal.  I find it all around every day in the interactions I have with people, in the things we do.  Some people expect to find heaven at the end of a long road.  I find it in the faces of people I see every day. -Trace

It’s the Water

Alcoholism is only the symptom of a much deeper malady running in the world, the degradation of the human spirit.  The nobility of the individual is under attack from many sides.  But even the most cynical harbor the hope for love. -Trace

Be Free

Some of us try to change the world; some of us try just to change ourselves.  Seems to me that, either way, the first step is to let go of one’s ego. -Trav

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  • Trace

    Trav, thanks for having the courage and wherewithall to put this up. Glad you did. It does good to listen to these recordings, and to think they are available to others. Thanks. Keep the music libre! Unchained.

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